Half term: when the guilt monster is joined by the green eyed monster

Yep, holidays are a special time of the year for us mum’s. Our lovely children get time away from the exhausting process of learning through play (and worse for the bigger ones, actual learning) and we get extra special lots of childcare to arrange and then of course the real catch, we get to go to work while our children get to play and go on outings WE WANT TO GO ON!

This week has been logistically challenging to say the least. To look after my littlest one in the hours usually taken care of by our generous education system I had to tout around the usual list of grandparents, neighbours and friends. Problem is, grandparents were at work or playing themselves, best neighbour ever was away and most of my local friends seem to either already have multiple children of their own, have childcare that is nearly 80 or 18 and not in need of an extra four year old on their hands, or both.

I did consider putting a general email out to my little man’s class to see if anyone, anyone at all, fancied having him to play, for pretty much ages. But thought since he’d only started there in September it might look a bit shit. Finally I bribed a babysitter – who is most lovely – to do the honours!

So the standard amount of guilt and more than the usual amount of faff and admin.

But as I said, half term brings a little something extra special. The green eyed monster becomes a fairly regular visitor to my office. I really love seeing pictures of what my kids are up to during the day. To see their cute little faces even though I only left them hours or minutes before. But in the holidays it’s a bit extra ouchy.

Seeing the monkeys having fun out and about is what is love! I love them giggling away at fun films, running their little hearts out on long walks and exploring new and interesting places.

But man I want to be with them!

Still no good wallowing. It’ll be a mummy day soon enough and I plan to lay on some extra holiday style mummy fun. Breakfast in bed for everyone for a start. To hell with it, lets go crazy and have croissants with the ‘weekend Nutella’ in bed. Let’s get it all over the sheets! It’s half term!


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