Pooh and friends

MY DAY fb.jpg

The day started with a passing dog taking a massive shit right in the middle of our front gate. Shortly after, the nice lady who looks after the kids in the morning came around, still half asleep, and walked straight through it and into our hall.

I was in the hall with the shit and the nice lady as I was about to leave for work. But instead had to start scrubbing the hall floor with toilet paper as that was the nearest thing to hand. The children helped too, running through it some more.

Then I left for work.

Phew. Escape.

No dog poo on the tube.

But you do get texts on the tube.

No escape.

An hour away from home, and nearly at work, I get a graphic message from my childminder explaining how she has been vomiting since yesterday morning and how she could shit through the eye of a needle and… you get the picture.

Sorry to hear that.

But no time to dwell in the working mum life.

Childcare crisis logistics.

The pre school maths goes like this:

It’s 9.30am.

I work 1hr 15mins away from home.

My little one finishes nursery school at midday.

And I have a meeting at 10am.

That gives me approximately 15 real time minutes to find someone to have the lovely little guy while also figuring out plans for the big one later. While trying to look professional and productive at my desk.

Pretty much the perfect start to a day really. Oh and I dropped my precious coffee thermos and phone too.

But the day doesn’t end there. Fear not.

A gazillion texts and desperate voice calls later I had some complicated but comprehensive cover in place.

But that isn’t even the best bit. The best bit is rediscovering the amazing friends that will even interrupt their own working day to help when you’re in need.

My final guardian angel friend, had my little guy to play even though her own kids were both out. And then took him along to her daughter’s family birthday tea!

And THEN, invited me and my big girl to join and share their dinner. And got me wine. And then PAID!

Seriously feeling blessed and spoilt and a little emotional about the whole thing.

From shit to champagne.

Friends are the best.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. barbara says:

    We have all been there. The poo, the dropped bottle of milk that seems to contain a gallon when out of the bottle on the floor rather than one pint when in it. The lost front door keys or Oyster card. BUT, there is the friend. Lovely lovely friend !


  2. Hugh Dulley says:

    Having two daughters who are working Mum’s means I can appreciate the sentiments expressed and I love the light hearted take on it all. Hugh


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