About the blog

I’m a single parent of two girls (12 and 4), living in the South West. I’ve got two very different children. My oldest is now 12, and I’ve spent most of her life trying to get the right supports in place for her, as she has a disability (autism) and this has presented lots of barriers to her in school and socially.

I originally started this blog to track these battles; but stopped writing when we won her specialist school placement in 2021. She has been there a year, now, and she is the happiest I’ve ever known her; and thriving in lots of ways.

When I started this blog, I had every intention of using it as a springboard to help others; but what happened was I was so exhausted by the journey to getting what my daughter needed, I have not visited the blog since then. I’ve left lots of the blogs and social media pages relating to education and autism, that I once used frequently; as I find it too challenging to go over those things again, when they harmed my mental health more than I cared to admit at the time. In my working life, I’m a Social Worker, and I come across these same issues regularly, in the children I work with; which brings me to the point of being flooded by vicarious trauma that feels so familiar to me. So I have – hopefully – left that part of personal life behind, whilst knowing we will ourselves revisit this one day, when she transitions again to the next stage.

Yet, I love to write, and I love to look at life with humour. I have a busy life and career, and spend most of my time either with my own or other people’s children; so if no one ever reads this blog, it’s still served its purpose as an outlet to celebrate the highs and lows of single parenting, SEND, busy working life, and everything else besides.

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