We are Amy, Stella and Kath.

We are not Sheryl Sandberg. We’re not even Victoria Beckham. We are three normal, average, bogstandard mums with six kids (and a dog) between us, who work in the creative industry. We enjoy our jobs and want to succeed, but not at the expense of our sanity, family or social life. We don’t work on holiday and took all of our maternity leave without once looking at our blackberries.
When it comes to being a working mum, we got a lot of it wrong the first time, but have learnt a few canny survival tricks along the way, and nicked some from our friends too. Like figuring out how and where to work, how much to work, whether the offer of a cuppa trumps an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ when choosing a nanny and what to do when your childminder calls in sick at 6am. We’re also pretty honest about the emotional roller coaster that is being a (working) mother: the pangs of guilt, fear and jealousy around ‘abandoning’ your kids as well as the pride, fun and stimulation of being a breadwinner.